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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weight Loss & Bump Gain

I had a great night out for my birthday, although I did probably over do the dancing and was very achy the next day - opps!

I saw my midwife on the 23/09/10 and she confirmed thst I had lost a little over 4kg since my booking in appointment, and whilst she herself was not concerned about it she understoop my worries. She measured my bump which was slightly above average made me an appointment to have another scan just to check that the "Bean" was developing well and was neither too small or too large for my dates.

I saw the consultant at the hospital today (30/09/10) - I REALLY don't like them!!!! They appear to be ossessed with my having a child who is too big for me to birth at home and keep on at me about the risks of shoulder dystocia ( ) which I really began to feel they were using as a direct attack at me. I have no history of dystocia from my previous pregnancy dispite my daughter being 8lb 12oz (3.97kg) and I just felt that the consultants weren't listening to me.

I went down for my scan which showed the "Bean" to be just a little bit above average but still well within the normally accepted limits for a healthy pregnancy and with a current estimated weight of 5lb 3oz (2.35kg) - this news seemed to annoy the consultants who then had very little reason to refuse me my home birth, however they were not giving up and chose to bring up the Post Natal Depression I had suffered after the birth of my daughter, I just pointed out that not only did I get through that period of my life without medication but thatmmy life now was so far removed from my life 8 years ago that I felt that a comparison was not possible to make.

Needless to say Hubby and I left the hospital happy that "Bean" was well but p*ssed at the consultants for their poor attitudes.

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Morag said...

My youngest was born at nearly 9lbs with no problems or help. It is unlikely that you will suffer any shoulder dystocia, especially if you are only measuring 2.35kg at this stage. My youngest was already 3kg by now and they were threatening me with induction. Apparently I was going to have this enormous baby. Scans are far too inaccurate. How far are you from hospital? If you are less than a 20 minute transfer then you should be safe to birth at home considering you and baby are in good health. Consultants want you to birth in hospitals simply because it's what they know. But really the risks in a midwife attended, second home birth are very similar to that of a midwife attended, second birth in a hospital. As for the mother, all round risks are lower if the mother births at home.

As for post natal depression, women who birth at home tend to have a far low rate of PND, not to mention mothers who breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months. Also something you may wish to take into consideration (although it has a big eww factor) is the consumption of the placenta for the first few weeks after birth. I have known many women who have chosen to do this and the effects have been astonishing, especially in women who had severe cases of PND in their first pregnancies. They reported feeling the same emotions coming on after birth, but after taking capsules/frozen pieces of their placenta after birth their mood lifted immeasurably. Completely natural it didn't interfere with their breastfeeding either the way antidepressants did. Even if you don't do it, I would suggest looking into this before bean arrives :)