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Monday, 5 March 2012

Magick & Ritual with Young Children

One of the first rituals I ever performed with my daughter was what we called the "Magick Star", I can't claim that the idea was mine originally and I was inspired by a similar ritual described by Tzipora Klein in her book Celebrating Life. In our version I use my finger to draw the shapes on to my daughters forehead usually before kissing her goodnight but also whenever she has been fractious or distressed.

Magick Star

A Star to wish upon
(Draw a pentagram)

The Moon to light your path
(surround the pentagram in a circle)

The Sun's rays to warm you
(add "rays" around the circle)

And a Kiss to make you laugh
(I kiss my finger and then press my finger to the centre of the star)

Nowadays my daughter is just as keen to give stars to me in return, she even liked to do them on my tummy whilst I was pregnant with my second child "The Little Bean" !

Magick Strokes

We also developed a gentle child led, hands on healing technique which we called "Magick Strokes". By channelling elemental energy through my body and down to my hands I stroke the affected area (often an upset tummy) now that she is older (9) I let my daughter choose which element she thinks she needs, but to start with we worked with cool, warm and hot.

Learning is Sweet

Another of Tzipora's brilliant suggestions, I believe it to be based on a Jewish custom, is to give children honey on the first day of each school year. this signifies that "Learning is Sweet". This custom is one which is always looked forward to in our house.

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