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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ozcar's Baby Naming

Sunday 27th February 2011 was the date we chose for Ozcar's Naming ceremony. Here is a transcript of the service which we performed ourselves. Given my work as a freelance Celebrant and the absence of my spiritual sister (who performed our Handfasting back in 2009 but has since emigrated to Canada) we felt that doing the ceremony ourselves offered us the most flexible and personal service.

The Naming of Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant

The Welcome

Arietta & I would like to thank you for being here with us today on this, the naming day of our precious child. Today we will formally give him his name and recognise the people that will help guide him through life,

Today, in front of you all, we want to openly declare our love for the newest member of our family, sharing our hopes for his future, and, with the naming itself, identify him as a person in his own right.

Cleansing And Consecration Of Space

By the sprinkling of this salt may this space be cleansed
By the sprinkling of these herbs may it be consecrated
And by the gathering of the tribe may this space be energised

Casting The Circle & Calling The Quarters


We forge this circle from the bonds of friendship,
The bonds of love and the bonds of family.
We invite the powers of the quarters,
Earth in the North
Air in the East
Fire in the South
Water in the West
From magick within cast circle without
So mote it be
(Inspired By Romany Rivers)

Inviting The Lord And Lady

Soothing light and mothers glow
Shine down on us now that we may know,
Your love and feel your comforting arms
Keeping all of us safe from harm
On this day, I ask your presence,
Lady, Mother, Lover, Essence,
Of all that is and ere shall be
On this day
We ask your blessings please
(Light candle)

Brilliant sunlight fills our hearts
When we think of you dear lord thou art
The perfect partner, lover, son
Paired with the lady since time begun
Now we ask you to bring blessings sweet
To make the partnership complete
To join with us and with us be
Hail and welcome, Blessed Be!
(Light candle)

Lighting of Candles for Ancestors

We light this candle in love and light for all of our ancestors who have gone before us.
(Light candle)

The Naming

As a society we place great importance on the naming of our children. It is believed that the name of a person is related to their very soul. Therefore the names we have chosen for our son are:

Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant

Ozcar Viktor Lysander, we give you your first names as potent names, names full of power and meaning.
Ozcar ... Friend of the deer but also spear of the gods. We hope that you will grow to have a strong affinity with animals and also to have a drive and passion for justice
Viktor … Champion . We hope that you will do well in all that you aim for.
Lysander …Liberator. May you be chivalrous and brave in all you attempt.
But more than this, these names are your names for you to fill with meaning by the living of your own days

Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant

We give you your surname as a name full of history; it means noble, strong, and virtuous.
May you be a credit to your heritage and an inspiration for generations to come.

Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant

A name is like a badge of identity, it says who we are and where we are from.
We chose this name for you, be proud of it, and make it proud of you.

Our Pledge

We promise to surround Ozcar with love and affection, protect him from harm and always be there for him when he needs us.

We will help him to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually as best we can; and nurture in him a spirit of curiosity, courage and enthusiasm so that he can face life’s challenges bravely, honestly and with quiet confidence

We will help Ozcar to identify and achieve his own hopes and aspirations, to realise his dreams, and fulfil his ambitions in life

We will respect him as an individual and help him to develop his own thoughts and opinions; and teach him to be kind, honest, and tolerant of others and the world

(Light the central candle)

Before you were conceived, we wanted you.
Before you were born, we loved you.
Before you were a minute old,
We would have died for you.

We Loved You From The Very Start

We loved you from the very start,
you stole our breath, embraced our hearts.

Our life together has just begun;
you’re part of us, our little one.

Inside your mama, each day you grew,
our minds were filled with thoughts of you.

We’d dream of the things we’d like to share,
like late-night feeds and teddy bears.

Like first steps and skinned knees,
like bedtime stories and ABC's.

We thought of things you'd want to know,
like how birds fly and flowers grow.

We thought of lessons we'd need to share,
like standing tall and playing fair.

When we first saw your precious face,
we knew we’d all been touched by grace.

We thanked the ancestors above,
and promised you unending love.

Each night we lay you down to sleep,
we gently kiss your head and cheek.

We count your fingers and toes;
we memorise your eyes and nose.

We linger at your nursery door,
each day we love you more and more.

Through misty eyes, we dim the light,
and whisper, "we love you" every night.

We loved you from the very start,
you stole our breath, embraced our heart.

Eloise’s Pledge


Ozcar congratulations for getting me as a big sister!
I hope you enjoy all the stuff we will do together
I hope you enjoy being with me
I feel really good to have you as a little brother

Auntie Natalie’s Pledge


To my Nephew...
Little one, I have such hopes for you
For all the things that you will do
The things I hadn't gotten to
See and do before I grew

Little one, you'll go so far
You may shoot for the moon or land among stars
Soon it's off too school and then your first car
You, too, won't believe how grown you are

Little one just learn to love
Savor the grass underneath and the sky up above

Little one, if life ever gets too tough
Remember the people who love you so much.
(By Vaida Marea)

Grandparents Pledge

Ozcar, you have blessed our hearts with beauty and joy this day,
United by our love for you, today we promise you this:
That we shall protect you as best we can from harm;
That we shall never knowingly injure you in body, mind or spirit;

We shall strive to teach you right from wrong
So you may one day protect yourself from the perils of wrong-doing.
We shall strive to live our lives as examples for you to live yours
by being loving, giving, honest, and tender.

We shall strive to earn your affection and respect.
As we gently guide you into becoming a caring, happy, informed person,
We shall rejoice in your successes, comfort you in times of distress, support you in your goals,
And try to refrain from unnecessary advice.

We will remember always that you are your own person,
Knowing that you have much to learn in order to become all that you are meant to be.
We are grateful to have been given the chance to know you, and to love you.
Our Grandson, Ozcar.

Fairy Godparents Pledges

We asked Andrew, Melody, Alasdair, TC, Jason & Emma to act as Guardians and Mentors to Ozcar because we trust them to share in our son’s upbringing & we are honoured that they have taken up the challenge. They each have different talents and with their help we hope that Ozcar will have the chance to fulfil his own potential.

Melody & Andrew cannot be here today as they are soon to be expecting a new little life into their own family, but they are none the less a part of this ceremony and have asked us to read the following for them...

Blessings to you little Ozcar
on your special naming day
We are so sorry we can't be with you
As we are half a world away
But let us reassure you
No matter how far apart we may be
We are happy and honoured for you
To consider us a part of your family.
We promise to be there for you
To listen to your worries and fears
We will always strive to have
An objective, supportive and listening ear.
We will celebrate your successes
and share in all of your smiles
And just like our love for your big sister
Our love for you will span the miles.

Welcome to the big wide world
Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant!

Alasdair, TC, Jason & Emma, as Mentors to Ozcar you will always have a special relationship with him.
We hope that will you let Ozcar know, through your words and actions, that he is loved and treasured always?

Ozcar, Bright as a flower, lovely child, we welcome you into our world, into our lives, on this your special naming day.
(Light candle)

Ozcar, happy little spirit. Smiling child, we wish you joy and health and strength and love and peace, on this your special naming day.
(Light candle)

Ozcar, lively little boy. Perfect child, we give you our blessings for a long and happy life, energy and freedom, on this your special naming day.
(Light candle)

Ozcar, our love goes out to you, precious child with eyes so wide, loving arms and dancing feet, and busy hands, which hold so tight, on this your special naming day.
(Light candle)

Formal Presentation of Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant

Ozcar, we would like you to know how much pleasure your arrival has given to us all.
We hope that at some future date you will read the words spoken for you today and understand the love and hopes that they represent.
Everyone here today is a member of Ozcar’s family, and everyone has something special to share with him. This may be your knowledge or wisdom, your talents and abilities, a sense of humour, experience, common sense, or spirituality.

And we all can provide him with a listening ear, love and encouragement.
We hope that you all support Ozcar’s journey.
Therefore I ask all of you, will you offer your gifts and talents, your love and support to Ozcar and to us

We will

Ozcar will not remember all that has happened here today. But one day he will be able to look back at this day through your eyes, so we invite you to write your own wishes and blessings for him in this book after the ceremony.

(Raises Ozcar skywards)
Behold Our Son!
This is Ozcar Viktor Lysander Bryant!
We will care for him, love him, cherish him, & enjoy life with him
(Raises mead horn)
May the Ancestors and Gods watch over him all the days of his life
(Passes horn around to the other guests)

Thanking The Ancestors

We thank our ancestors for blessing us today; we remember you in love and know that we will meet again.

Thanking The Lord & Lady

Lady, Mother and Goddess
We thank you for your presence in our lives
And for blessing our family

Lord, Father and God
We thank you for your presence in our lives
And for blessing our family

Opening The Circle & Dismissing Quarters

I give thank to the powers of the elements.
I open this circle...
But just as the circle of family goes on even when families are apart,
So too will this circle continue to link us all together even after this day is done.

© 2011 Tyger Moon Creations

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Anne Coleman said...

Sorry I couldn't be there! Glad it was a lovely occasion.