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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ozcar Update... 3 Months On

So it's been 3 months since Ozcar was born and we are still settling into family life with a new baby.

Whilst Ozcar is giving us hours of pleasure I think the sleep depravation is taking it's toll on the whole family but I am sure things will get better once he figures out his night from his day :o) A few people I have spoken to have suggested that Winter born babies take longer to get into a routine because they see less daylight hours, I hope that's right and now that Spring is on the way he will sleep longer at night and less in the day.

Other than the lack of sleep things have gone pretty smoothly, I am still breastfeeding which I am very proud of as I had given up by this point with my daughter as she cut her first tooth at 3 months and also I just didn't have the support system in place to facilitate breastfeeding back then.

The only problem with breastfeeding has been a persistant yeast infection affecting Ozcar's mouth and my breast. It is just about under control now but was for a while a vicious circle where we passed the infection back and forth between us.

Apart from the odd crying jag (often during whatever TV show we have spent a week looking forward to - So glad we have V+ lol! ) Ozcar is a very happy baby and has blessed us with some heartbreakingly beautiful smiles from about 4 weeks old. He enjoys listening to people chat and likes to be included in the conversations, he also seems to really like being sung to which is lovely.

We have been attending Baby PEEP for the last 4 weeks which has been great for both of us, Ozcar gets time with other babies and I get to meet other mums, and whilst I still feel like a bit of a hippy outsider in the group I am enjoying it, especially the singing.

We have been keeping a photo diary of Ozcar...

  • Week One
  • Week Two
  • Week Three
  • Week Four
  • Week Five

  • Week Six

  • Week Seven

  • Week Eight

  • Week Nine

  • Week Ten

  • Week Eleven

  • Week Twelve

  • Week Thirteen

  • So at 13 weeks Ozcar is a little chunky monkey having grown from a healthy birth weight of 9lb 5oz to a 3 month weigh in of 15lb 12oz.

    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    My older daughter has been amazing, she and Ozcar have a definate bond and you can see him watching her all the time. She loves to hold him and hug him and everyday she comes home from school and talks to him aboout her day.

    I have made an extra effort to make time for her now too, and have promised to take her out at least once a month to do something just the two of us.

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