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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Magickal Story Telling

As a lover of books and stories I have been reading to my children from before they were even born. They have been read to on car journeys, at bed time and in the bath, even whilst they were on the loo!

As a Pagan Parent I was mindful that their most beloved stories should not contain too many disparaging remarks against Witches and I have searched long and hard to find books with positive role models for both my son and my daughter.

A favourite book for both of my children is "Big Mama Makes The World" 

Written by Phyllis Root and beautifully illustrated by the awesome talent of Helen Oxenbury, Big Mama is a spin on the traditional creation myth, taking a little pinch out of several well known versions and blending them perfectly into one which has humour, heart and hugs

I would recommend anyone with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to grab a copy of this book and share it with any child who will sit still long enough to listen ... And I promise that by the time Big Mama is finishing it all of with "one big BANG!" they will be joyfully joining in with the repeated lines of ....

"Good. That's very, very good." 

Big Mama Makes The World is available from all good bookstores and can be found on line too:


Such a love for literature and my own curiosity about how my children tick has led me to get them to make up stories of their own... 

I let them tell their stories and I record them so that we can read them again later. 

My favourite so far has to be the story from my son Oz who is 2 years old... 

"Once in a time, there was a little boy called Ozcar and he lived in a tree outside a big house which he shared with lots of birds, they flapped and soared in the sky but Ozcar's wings did not work because be was just a boy and his wings were only pretend. Once in a time there was a little girl called mama sitting next to me. We all lived in a tree and there was a see-saw"

It is not much perhaps but think the visual is really strong and I love that he has picked up storytelling traits like "once upon a time". 

My daughter is older and having just started Secondary Education she is experimenting with dialogue and hopes to be like me and write a book of her own in the future; she has already helped tremendously by contributing towards the storyline and characters for my forthcoming children's book "Little Lizzy Witch" ( for more about Little Lizzy and my other writing projects the check out my facebook page )

Her latest story is called The Magic Flower...

"One day a boy called Harry went to the park with his friends, Lilly, Tom and George. When they got there, they played on the slide and the swings. Later they all had a big game of football.

It was all going good until Tom kicked the ball over the fence...
 "Don't worry, I'll get it." said Lilly.
When Lilly was walking towards the ball she tripped over a tree and .... 


"that hurt....uh ? what's that ?"

Lilly had landed in front of a flower. Suddenly sparks shot out off the flower.

"Oh it's a magic flower!  Cool."

"come on Lilly!" shouted Harry. 

Lilly picked up the flower, gripped the ball and ran back to the park to tell her friends about the magic flower....To be continued. "


To further aid the imaginative process you might like to include Story Bags (sometimes called Story Sacks) these can be created to help tell an existing story, like this one below for The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

You can also just put several interesting and different items in to a bag and allow the children to be inspired by the objects which will then inform the story they tell.

Interesting Items for a story bag include:

Toy food
Cotton reels
Magazine pictures
Words ( printed on card and laminated where possible )
Pine Cones
Flowers ( fake ones, unless you remember to change them regularly )
Toy Crockery
Doll house furniture

Change the contents regularly to keep the ideas fresh and let the kids go wild!

As a Mama I am so proud to have these connection with my children, to be able to share their stories with you and also to share the stories again with them as they get older, I love to see their creativity growing and blossoming with each day and storytelling is a lovely way to explore this .... Go ahead, give it a go,

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