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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Trying Times

Ok, so having tied the knot back in July we decided to spend a couple of months getting back to normal and just enjoying being married before we took the plunge to expand the family. I already have a 7 year old daughter but as far as babies are concerned this would be a first for my Hubby.

I had been on the Implanon implant for the last 6 years (which I have nothing but praise for) but as it ran out just before the wedding I had been taking Cerazette a progestrogen only pill since then. I stopped taking the pill on the 16th of December and had light stopping for a few days after but nothing else.

I downloaded a fertility tracker from and started to track my symptoms; this helped to make me feel more in control and gave us a rough idea of the best days to "do it" although there is nothing like the desire to have a child to get you in the mood

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