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Friday, 9 July 2010

Consultant Meeting

Today was my "consultation" at the hospital with the "specialist" about my home birth, because the midwife who did my booking in appointment (not the midwife I have now by the way) , said that my BMI was concerning if I wanted a home birth.

So off we trot to the maternity ward today to pee on a stick and have my blood pressure taken ( all fine ) they then listen to the beans heart ( also fine ) then we sit about for nearly an hour waiting to be seen by the specialist.

She begins by telling me that she doesn't know why I’m there this early in my pregnancy as she can't make a firm decision until I’m about 35 weeks!!!!

Then she says that I would need a BMI of less than 30 to have a safe home birth and that because Eloise was over 8lb they would be concerned about me having a large baby this time too.

I said that I didn’t care what they said and that I still wanted a home birth as I did not have a good experience at the hospital last time and...

So now they want me to see a councillor to deal with my latent birth trauma.

I just felt like they were not willing to accept anything I said and they just want to prove that a hospital birth would be best and that I can be “fixed” in some way to want a hospital birth.


Morag said...

Fight for it...if you want it.

Spain's attitudes towards pregnancy and labour is very much that it is a disease that needs to be cured. It is incredibly invasive. Home births are difficult, no midwife attendance and in order to get the registration documents you have to go to the hospital to be "checked out". Instantly you will be taken in and your baby rushed to NICU and given formula to help boost them up... pssf.

Spirit of Old said...

Just remember that everything they tell you you "must" do or that you "can" or "can't" do are just suggestions on their part. They can't take any of your choices away from you in reality, go with your intuitions :) I planned a homebirth with Finn ... enjoy it!

VITSWD said...

My son was 8lb 11oz and if he hadn't been misaligned it would have been a successful home birth. Size of baby if all is aligned correctly etc shouldn't have anything to do with it an acquaintance of mine had a water birth at home with a 13lb baby boy! it's your right to have a home birth and they can not refuse, but you can to go to hospital.

Councillor! patronising sods if your experience of the mat ward was like mine its hardly surprising.

The Singing Doula said...

I just found your blog and haven't read all your posts.
Have you contacted AIMS?
Also there is a very active and supportive homebirth group on Yahoo.

Best wishes,